In Spain, people love to share tapas while chatting and having fun, maybe enjoying the typical patatas bravas and a little bowl of olives…, especially if they come accompanied with an ice cold beer. The origin of TAPA TAPA was our wish to create new venues where everybody could share moments like that. It’s been over 25 years… and many more will come! We’ve come a long way and today, at Tapa Tapa, our guests enjoy the typical tapas with our personal touch. But we added many other products and flavors to complete our menu. We offer over 50 different tapas suited for all kind of tastes and for any time of the day, always with a clear idea in mind: top quality and freshness. That’s why our chefs buy their products daily, choose them with great care, and, along with their cuisine team, prepare and cook our famous tapas in an open kitchen for all the guests to see.

Once you taste our tapas, you’ll probably want to come back over and over. But, let us warn you: They are highly addictive!

Come in and have some tapas: We’ll love to greet you and to serve you!


Eggs and fried potatoes





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A tapa on the terrace? Montadito inside? Salad in the bar?
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